Welcome to the EIT Pioneer Website
This forum was put in place as the exchange platform of the Open Innovation EIT Research Initiative. It is aimed at advancing the development of electrical impedance tomography (EIT) in general and to ultimately accelerate its clinical adoption. We would like to see this EIT Pioneer Website and especially the EIT Pioneer Forum be used as a communication means of the multidisciplinary network of experts in clinical, physiological and technical EIT as well as specialists in EIT-related mathematics and algorithms research. Due to its rather broad range of topics it should become attractive for newcomers in the field of EIT as a source of multidisciplinary insights. The EIT Pioneer Website is not meant to compete with existing highly specialized EIT-related web sites or places where open source code is shared, but should rather supplement theses by fostering direct communication between individuals and groups around the world. The contributions to this site have to comply with the disclaimer and should be of general interest and independent of any immediate company interest.

On this homepage you find:

  • A Forum where you are able to take part in discussions about your special field of interest and share articles.
  • The FAQ where frequently asked questions are listed and can help you to solve your problems.
  • The How To’s where instructions for customizing your EIT-Pioneer Set, code to load the measured data into Matlab and related EIT links are explained.

We hope this web site, which is part of the Open Innovation EIT Research Initiative and sponsored by Swisstom, will become your indispensable source of EIT-related information.

You are cordially invited to join this Open Innovation Initiative!

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